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Ancient Root Taiji

Traditional Chen Village Taijiquan

Healthy Movement Rooted in You
Madison Wisconsin USA
Patrick Rogne
2018 Chen Huixian Seminar
August 24th - 26th in Madison Wisconsin USA
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Live the ART 
Ancient Root Taiji
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Taiji Meditation
Chen Taiji for Health
We are so fortunate to be able to bring Chen Huixian to Madison once again this year.  As a 20th generation descendant of the Chen Family and a direct-line inheritor of the Chen Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi) system, Chen Huixian is dedicated to spreading and promoting the traditional martial art of her ancestors. Through Chen Huixian we are able to offer access to an unbroken line of teaching and training methods that has been preserved by Chen Huixian’s family in Chenjiagou (Chen Village) for over 350 years.
Chen Taijiquan
Taiji Meditation
Only the fundamentals for health and focus. The Qigong inside the Taiji.
Chen Taiji for Health
A simplified system of Chen Village Taiji focused on health and healing. Build around the 18 Essence form created by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei.
Chen Village Taijiquan
Chen Village Taijiquan is a complete system of Chinese Martial Arts including Qigong, empty hand, weapon sets, and push hands training to round out the training.
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