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Ancient Root Taijiquan

Integrating ancient concepts into modern life. Healthy Movement Rooted in You.
Patrick Rogne, Founder
Ancient Root Taijiquan focuses on offering high quality instruction in Traditional Chen Village Taijiquan.
We offer weekly instruction, and focused workshops with leading Chen Masters and related martial artists. The traditional path of Chen Village Taijiquan is an exciting journey filled with challenge and mystery. We work to continuously discover innovative ways to unlock the “mysteries” of this art and make it accessible to those who wish to take this journey.
Taiji Meditaion
A system of Meditation based on the standing frame used in Taiji practice. A great practice on its own or as a stepping stone to deeper understanding of Chen Taiji.
Taiji for Health
A simplified system of Chen Village Taiji focused on health and healing.
Chen Village Taijiquan
Chen Village Taijiquan includes Qigong meditation, empty hand, weapon sets, and push hands training to round out a complete system of Chinese Martial Arts.
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